This Launch48 3D virtual event is free of charge for the opening night, but it is limited for the virtual team weekend.

The discount code is L48MELBVIRTUAL and there are currently 10 of those discounted tickets available.

Enter the 3D Workspace now!Enter the 3D Workspace now!

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Live TV : Ustream

We have set up a discount code for the use of participants in a virtual team. It gives a participant a discount of $30 off the ticket price, the current ticket category is $60.50 inclusive of GST ($55+GST) so people in a virtual team would pay $30.50 inclusive of GST.

The discount code is L48MELBVIRTUAL and there are currently 15 of those discounted tickets available.

Launch48 Tickets (Virtual and Physical) available here

Event Time: Fri April 1 (from 6 pm) to Sun April 3 (to 9 pm).

  • Sydney Friday April 1 6pm
  • London Friday April 1 8am
  • Los Angeles Friday April 1 12am
  • New York Friday April 1 3am

You will be able to

  • enjoy the conference in a 3D auditorium with other people
  • listen and watch videos of live speakers
  • be a part of the event by asking questions through 3D chat
  • interact with other attendees from around the world using 3D avatars

Experience Launch48 in 3D

What is Launch48?

The Launch48 weekend is a unique experience for building online businesses with a group of teams from a range of backgrounds and different sets of skills.

For each team, the goal is simple: pitch, build and launch an online business in 48 hours.

The Launch48 weekend is different from most hack-days and entrepreneurial events because:

We have a great set of mentors that work with groups to develop their web business
Each team has about 15 people working on each idea from a broad range of backgrounds
Participants meet, learn from, and work with many people throughout the event
All aspects of a business are covered including planning, marketing, PR, branding, design, finance, and development

Current Event: Launch48

Why Attend?

The aim of the event is to build and launch an online business (web or mobile) and anyone who is interested in learning or participating can attend.

Typically, launching a new business will require the following skills, so if you possess any of these skills please consider attending:

  • Management
  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing/PR/Communications
  • Finance
  • Legal

Participants attending Launch48 weekends tell us that they come along to:

  • Learn how to start up an online business
  • Skill up in areas of business and technology with which they are unfamiliar
  • Work on interesting pitches and ideas
  • Pitch an idea that they had for an online business
  • Network with other participants and mentors
  • Find like-minded people with whom to work on an idea or project

Find out more about Launch48 at:

Find out more about Launch48 Melbourne at:

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